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Dashboard, a customer engagement solution for banks and credit unions

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Dashboard is a white labelled hyper-personalized financial management tool. Dashboard enables you to effortlessly improve customer engagement, retention and satisfaction by providing users with tailored self-serve insights to help empower their decision-making.

Welcome to the future of banking

Advice without an advisor.

How do financial service providers balance rising digital adoption with decreasing customer satisfaction?

Through Dashboard, financial institutions can maximize acquisition of digital segments while still retaining the customer centric, advice-driven service they want to provide

Engage users by giving them hyper-personalized information, advice and product recommendations through one financial dashboard

More than a bank.

Go beyond customer expectations by providing them guidance that helps them optimize their life decisions

The human touch in a digital world.

Dashboard helps financial institutions acquire digital segments while retaining their customer centric, advice driven service in a 24/7 accessible environment

Stronger relationships.

Build loyalty by providing users with a complete picture of their finances across all their accounts

Wallet share growth.

Hyper-personalized offers increase conversions and can be taken advantage of round the clock as the Grow Platform can fast-track users digitally into your products

Your brand, your win

Dashboard is white labelled, so your customers have a seamless brand experience

Everything they need.

Everything you need.

Hyper-Personalized Product Offerings.

Make smart product suggestions based on real-time cashflow and credit data. Optimize your customer's finances and effectively grow your wallet share with personalized product offerings that are truly relevant

Goal Setting.

Dashboard's financial goal setting feature helps users stay on track, and helps you better understand how you can provide more relevant advice and recommendations

Credit Scores.

Users can view their credit score history with monthly comparisons and trends including the key factors affecting score so they’re empowered to improve their rating

Spend Analysis.

Dashboard provides an overview of user’s spending habits and savings, product-level summaries of debt obligations, and trend analysis so users have a complete grasp of their cashflow

Comparison Insights.

Knowledge is power. Users can compare their financial profile, such as income and spending behaviour, to other demographics organized by age, location and credit score

Powered by Canada’s leading bank account aggregator.

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